Wednesday, July 30, 2014

A repeat pattern~ :>

Saturday, June 28, 2014

Really quick turnarounds for a project I’m working on with kalegiro which may or may not pan out haha

Sunday, June 22, 2014
A little watercolor sketch of my favorite bird :v

A little watercolor sketch of my favorite bird :v


I’m teaching my class how to flat color things really easily with photoshop actions! Let me know if this is confusing at all and I’ll try to clarify/explain :>

Here’s my personal action set up, if you want to download it, and here’s a post explaining what the actions are.

Eri’s Actions

Since I did that little tutorial on actions, I thought I might share my personal actions, which there are four of. You can download them here!

Save for Web - I use this when I’m saving a bunch of files to post somewhere. You’ll want to open whatever files you’re going to make smaller web versions for, then play the action. It resizes it to 800 px wide at 72 dpi, saves a copy as a png to the desktop, and then closes the file without saving.

Cut+New Layer - I use this for organizing sets of sketches. Use the lasso to select whichever part of the drawing you want to put on a new layer, then play the action. It cuts the piece out, pastes it in place, and then selects the original layer you were on.

Color Switch - I use this for quickly changing all the color on a layer. It works best if you have every color on it’s own layer, or easy to select colors. Start by picking the layer you want to change (or use the lasso to select the area you want changed), have the color you want to use as your foreground color, and play the action. It locks the layer’s transparency, fills the layer or selection with the foreground color, unlocks the transparency, and deselects.

Selection Fill - this is the one I did the tutorial on setting up. You start by selecting the area you want to fill with the magic wand and having your fill color as your foreground color, and then play the action. It expands the selection (under the lineart, hopefully), fills it with the foreground color, and then deselects. 

You might need to adjust the actions a bit for your needs, but this is what I use on a regular basis

Friday, June 20, 2014


What if you were dating a moth prince and living in his kingdom and he knew how out of place you felt so he made you dozens of silk dresses and blankets and gave you lots of fuzzy shawls and scarves so you wouldn’t stand out so much and always said you were so beautiful you were glowing and occasionally bump right into your face because it was a little joke and he would pretend you were a light bulb and give you tiny kisses

This was a really cute idea??? 

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Environment Design for the Ridiculous Wishes

Environment design for the Boy Who Draws Cats

Character Design for the Boy Who Draws Cats

Character design for the Ridiculous Wishes